Brook Bello

Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is the founder of More Too Life, an Anti-Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking services and prevention agency.  Dr. Bello holds 2 honorary doctorates and is just about complete with her PhD and licensing in Nouthetic & Temperance Therapy. She is the author of Living Inside the Rainbow and an accomplished actor and filmmaker having screened her documentary at the 2012 Festival De Cannes. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be the support she gives to pained and violated victims of all forms of sexual violence and human trafficking.

Dr. Bello has added language to key legislation in Florida that will now ensure that no child is ever labeled a prostitute. In addition, Bello wrote curriculum for men (attended by court order or on a volunteer basis) called RJEDE (Restorative Justice End Demand Education). Bello says it’s not  “John School,” but an innovative anti-sexual violence training that seeks to empower men to better understand sexual violence and to reconsider the role of men as fathers. 

Dr. Brook Bello is an advisor for the NOVO Foundation (founded by Daughter of Warren Buffet, Jennifer Buffet), THORN, Demand Abolition and a number of other great agencies.  She thanks Diana Rockefeller, Dr. Barbara William-Skinner, Dr. Bam Crawford, Dr. Carroll A Baltimore and actor Jon Voight for serving as mentors. Bello credits much of her success to the support she has received from her amazing husband Ted.  They dream of owning enough land to build several tiny homes to provide safe and affordable transition housing to human trafficking victims and their children.