Jack Viorel

Jack Viorel is an avid surfer, born and raised in Northern California. As an active Christian, community service was always a part of his life, but it was during his time in Half Moon Bay, California that he saw how he could combine his two passions to make a difference.

While a teacher, Jack would invite students and parents for an end-of-the-year beach party to learn how to surf. When a young girl with cerebral palsy named Alex wanted to try, he quickly improvised.  She belly rode wave after wave, hooting and hollering and  having the time of her life. In that moment he saw the enormous therapeutic value of surfing, and the self-esteem boost it gave to Alex.

When he and his young family relocated to Wilmington, NC he started Indo Jax Surf School and Indo Jax Surf Charities. For ten years, Jack has been running the program with help from his wife Aileen, an attorney in Wilmington, and his three children. The whole family participates in the outreach program, so many summer evenings are spent together, working with children in the surf.