Where Are They Now: Kim, MTL Survivor

The Hero Effect producers caught up with a few survivors featured in the More Too Life episode to see how they are doing.

Describe your experience at More Too Life: 

Life changing and life saving like crazy. It gave me a family that I never felt before and helped me to reunite with my daughter.

What did you learn about yourself during your time there? 

Well, first off it’s not over, as even after graduation we are still working together and I am still working in the program and working on myself as a young woman and the person I long to be and the person they have inspired me to discover.

What would you go back and tell yourself 10 years ago if you were able to do so? 

Call Dr. Bello Call More Too Life!!!

What have you been up to since the filming of the MORE TOO LIFE episode of THE HERO EFFECT?

Bonding with my family – one day at a time staying sober, working on the tools given me by Dr. Bello and the team at More Too Life. I’m working on building and my hope is to move back to Sarasota and go to the next level in the More Too Life program.

What are your plans for the future? 

Go back to school, discover a great career, help others, love my daughter and give back like Dr. Bello and maybe get hired by More Too Life, oh yeah and buy my own home and transportation