Treehouse Foundation

The Treehouse Foundation was established in 2002 by foster/adoptive parent Judy Cockerton who saw the tremendous need for new approaches to support the success of some of our most vulnerable children. After four years of research, planning, engaging widespread support from congregations and individuals, and building organizational collaborations, the Treehouse Foundation opened its first major initiative, the multigenerational Treehouse Community in Easthampton MA, in June, 2006.  It is a multi-generational affordable community connecting the elderly with foster families. The community model engages public investment and is designed to help move children out of foster care and into permanent loving families who live among a close knit group of neighbors age 55 years and older.  Older members of the community serve as surrogate grandparents and children are able to relate to one another because of their shared experience of growing up in foster care.

Community is at the heart of the Treehouse Foundation. The cornerstones of respect, compassion, collaboration and commitment create a strong foundation for restoring and strengthening the well-being of children in foster care.  Finding families for waiting children and surrounding them with a caring community that is infused with a spirit of mutual responsibility and sensitivity to one another’s needs – this is the work of the Treehouse Community.

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