Find out how you can grow for Katie’s Krops

How can you become a part of the Katie’s Krops growing family?

Here is what you need to know:

  • Once each year based on the funding we have available, Katie’s Krops offers youth the opportunity to apply to become a Katie’s Krops Grower.  The annual application period is from October 1st through December 31st.  This time-frame is the only time of the year youth can apply to start a Katie’s Krops Garden. Winners are notified in February.
  • A child, or a group of children, can apply as long as they fall within the age range of 9 to 16 and live in the United States. We are a youth based initiative and all Katie’s Krops Gardens are grown by youth.
  • Applications for all types of vegetable gardens, such as a container garden if you live in a city, or a vegetable garden located in your neighborhood or at your school, will be considered. The grower decides where the garden will be grown.
  • The growers also determine where they will donate their harvest based on the needs within their own community. For example, their harvest can be used to support homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks and pantries, cancer centers, or neighbors or classmates in need.

Katie’s Krops Growers receive:

  • Funding to start their garden in the form of a gift card to a garden supply store in their community.
  • Access to our private grower website to document their harvest, volunteer hours, post pictures, and monthly reports.
  • Access to a private message board to connect with fellow growers across the country and learn from one another.
  • A growing manual written specifically for Katie’s Krops Growers. The manual provides our growers with the best and most current information on how to start and maintain their gardens, food safety, composting, photography, and much more.
  • Garden supplies from our sponsors.
  • Support from our Master Gardener and the Katie’s Krops team.
  • Growers are eligible for funds to continue to grow, year after year. We welcome new growers and start new gardens every year, but the vast majority of our gardens have been growing with us for years, some for as many as six!
  • Growers have opportunities to highlight their gardens and efforts to end hunger in the media, including TV, print, movies, books, and in magazines.
  • Growers learn about agriculture, nutrition, how to manage a budget, responsibility, and communication, just to name a few life skills developed by starting a Katie’s Krops Garden.
  • Growers are eligible to attend the all-expenses paid Katie’s Krops Camp courtesy of WP Rawl.
  • Growers are eligible to win scholarships for their higher education.
  • Our ultimate goal is to provide young growers with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to empower them to become part of a youth driven solution to a global problem.

To sponsor a garden or a Katie’s Krops Dinner please contact