Where Are They Now: Amir

Describe your experience as a patient at Mary’s Center.
I’ll never forget the positive attitude of workers at Mary’s Center. Everyone is working with you to better provide you excellent services and suggestions. I am very happy and satisfied with all the services which we have received from Mary’s Center. How I can forget that, when I was new to this country and didn’t know anything about health facilities in the USA, Mary’s Center held my hand at that time, when I was very upset at a local hospital and looking for health service for my kids. This is my first and last health stop which I have used for all of my health services from the General Health Clinic to pediatrics, from dentistry to maternity, from mental health services to social services.  It was perfect because I found everything in one place.  My family and I don’t forget Maria Gomez and her team in our prayers. We love you Mary’s Center and long life for you Maria.


What have you learned about yourself since going to Mary’s Center?
I learned the lesson “God is here and God is everywhere.” He chooses some people to work for humanity, these people don’t care about race, skin, and religion. They only work for the better of humankind. They are not looking to us for their reward; they are looking to God for their prize.


What would you go back and tell yourself 10 years ago if you were able to do so?
Ten years ago, I was working at a pharmaceutical company and always thinking about a better future for me and my family. When I was in my country of Pakistan, I was running a society called the”POOR PATIENT SOCIETY.”

I was an active member for this society. The main purpose for this society was to provide blood donations for the poor. The patients really need blood in the hospital. If they are not able to buy a blood bag from the market, there are members who donate their blood for the poor. It was an excellent concept and quite successful. Once a year we work with our area Red Cross and run the campaign for 3 days to collect blood donations.  I had a plan to come to the USA and make my children’s future better. After 3 years, it was the happiest day in my life when my dream came true, and I was packing up my belonging to fly to USA with family.  On August 16, 2009, I landed in the “Land of Opportunity” with my family. Still now a days I am struggling with my family to settle myself in the USA. I have faced a lot of hurdles during this journey. Some people in Mary’s Center have helped me out with some difficulties and I continue to work towards achieving my destiny.  I have a plan in the future where I am able to make a society or work with RED CROSS and campaign for collecting blood donations here. May God bless me and fulfill my dream.

What have you been up to since the filming of the Mary’s Center episode of THE HERO EFFECT?
This is a secret question you ask me, but now I am going to tell you. I find out during this time that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN LIFE”.   You try to do everything right in your life, and people will recognize your work one day. The excellent example is in front of me… Maria started Mary’s Center in a small clinic and now look at how far it has come.  People know and appreciate its contribution to society. 

What is the hardest healthy habit for you to remember?
The hardest healthy habit is to avoid smoking and drinking.  I am not smoking or drinking and I’m eating less to be healthy.