Where Are They Now: Claudia

Describe your experience as a patient at Mary’s Center.

My experience as a patient at Mary’s Center has been awesome! I love coming to Mary’s Center. Coming here my whole life has become like a family. The staff are very nice, and children enjoy playing in the waiting room. It is a very friendly, encouraging environment. All this is one of the many reasons why I dreamed of working at Mary’s Center. I want to be part of making others feel what I feel as a patient at Mary’s Center.

What have you learned about yourself since working at Mary’s Center?

Working at Mary’s Center has encouraged me to continue doing what I love to do. Be there for others that do not have someone to listen to them, someone who needs to be connected to the many resources that are out there for them. Not only did my dream come true of working in a place like Mary’s Center, but working here has pushed me to become something further. I have learned that I have the capacity to become an agent of change to this community.

What would you go back and tell yourself 10 years ago if you were able to do so?

Never doubt that you can’t reach your dream and become bigger than what you dreamed of because YOU WILL achieve higher than what is expected.

What have you been up to since the filming of the MARY’S CENTER episode of THE HERO EFFECT?

Since the filming of the Mary’s Center episode of The Hero Effect, I have continued to work on my Masters of Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work in the area focus of Clinical Behavioral Health. Using the skills gained at Mary’s Center as a family support worker and what I am learning in earning my degree only encourages my work with participants at Mary’s Center. I continue to provide support to those in need and provide the fulfillment of making others feel they are not alone, but that Mary’s Center can also be that place where encouragement is found.

What is the hardest healthy habit for you to remember?

The hardest healthy habit for me to remember is to eat fruits! It is so hard to remember!