Common Misconceptions About Juvenile Offenders

Common Misconceptions About Juvenile Offenders

By Chad Houser

  1. Criminal— Our interns are not criminals. They have responded to life circumstances of poverty, homelessness, despair and fatherlessness — consequences that have landed them in this situation. They don’t desire to commit crimes against society. 
  1. Unintelligent— Many stereotype our interns as being dumb, or unintelligent. Yet, upon meeting an intern, one soon learns that they possess strong discernment and maintain a quick-witted nature. They are ahead of their time in many respects and thrive in the right environment. 
  1. Not Hard Workers— Many people think that our interns are lazy and only have interests in picking up a paycheck. Yet, our interns work very hard. In addition, this is a first job for many involved and they are developing a very strong work ethic. They are interested in delivering a high level of customer service and enjoy building cross-functional relationships.